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Raymond Reichman-Israelsohn | author, poet, attorney


The Mind & Heart of God


by Raymond Reichman-Israelsohn

A lamp that does not flicker in a windless place,

To such is compared a yogi of subdued thought

Practising Union with the Self

Bhagavad Gita (Maharishi Translation)

The Yoga of Maditation (Dhyana Yoga)

Chapter VI,Verse 19

The Blade of Grass and The Footprint of the Calf, is a book that, in our search for the panacea to every ill, takes us on a journey towards the reduction of all questions, and all answers, to one. The universal common denominator – the one without a second, the Kingdom of God – the finding of which will ‘add all else’ unto us. The author tackles the ‘impossible’ task of describing the infinite with finite tools – words. He deals with the dilemma of transcending the limitation of words in an effort at expressing the inexpressible, the ineffable, the silence.
Within meditative transcendence the word is rendered unnecessary. But words are needed to describe the ladder to reach the transcendent. The book seeks to reconcile the paradox of intellectual and physical work and effortless intuitive revelation and mystical creative realization. The deepest and most meaningful of expressions do not lie in words, but in the pregnant omniscient infinity between words. The paradox of communication at this level is the necessity to use words to describe the ‘wordless’.
Exploring consciousness, reality, creation, the fall of man and his reach back to enlightenment, man emerges as an expression of God. The Path is the sum of all paths. All religions or spiritual paths lead us Home to Self-Realisation.
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The Blade of Grass and the Footprint of the Calf, copyright © Raymond Reichman-Israelsohn. Edited by Professor Dr Dorian Haarhoff, Somerset, South Africa. Published by Jivan-Mukti, London. Publishing consultancy, production management and typesetting services by Amolibros, Somerset, England. Jacket illustration by Jansen Graphics International, Johannesburg, South Africa. Jacket design by Tony Denton, UK.
ISBN 0-9549679-0-9, £18.99, hb, published UK April 2006, South Africa January 2006.

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The Blade of Grass
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