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Raymond Reichman-Israelsohn | author, poet, attorney


The Mind & Heart of God


by Raymond Reichman-Israelsohn

A lamp that does not flicker in a windless place,

To such is compared a yogi of subdued thought

Practising Union with the Self

Bhagavad Gita (Maharishi Translation)

The Yoga of Maditation (Dhyana Yoga)

Chapter VI,Verse 19

Raymond Reichman-Israelsohn, author of The Blade of Grass and The Footprint of the Calf, spent many years as an accomplished attorney, within the fortress of societal convention and non-transcendent religious doctrine. Yet at the age of seven, he had started dreaming of infinity. No person or teaching could satisfy his hunger for the omniscience of transcendent infinity and his frustration with the shortcomings of man’s law under God’s Law.
In this work he describes how he shattered the walls that had trapped him and emerged from the fortress to satisfy his hunger and heal the sad and painful futility in his heart. Jyotish – Vedic Spiritual Astrology – strongly influences his quest for insight into our destiny and path. Raymond lives and works in South Africa with his wife, Cynthia. They have four grown children.

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The Mind of God



Pregnant Infinity

Spirit and Soul


The Fall of Man and Resurrection

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The Blade of Grass
and the Footprint of the Calf