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The Mind & Heart of God


by Raymond Reichman-Israelsohn

A lamp that does not flicker in a windless place,

To such is compared a yogi of subdued thought

Practising Union with the Self

Bhagavad Gita (Maharishi Translation)

The Yoga of Maditation (Dhyana Yoga)

Chapter VI,Verse 19

Perhaps the clearest vision available to assist the true searcher for God is in Jyotish – Vedic Spiritual Astrology. Properly understood, it affords a powerful insight into our destiny and path.
The ancient Vedic wisdom contemplates three worlds – the causal, the astral, and the physical; and contemplates mankind’s embodiment in each of the three worlds – man’s causal body, his astral body, and his physical body on Earth. The three worlds, which are relative phenomena or apparencies, emerge from (or more accurately are apparencies within) the absolute attributeless void of infinity. The primal or causal world and its embodiment constitute the primary subject-object phenomenon and its primary cause-effect product – the Mind and Heart of God, and his Creation within His Infinite Indivisible Self. The conceptualisations (vasanas) of the primal causal world constitute the destiny of the cosmos through the relativity of cause and effect (or apparent cause and effect). That destiny (dharma) is manifested and expressed through the energies of the astral world, in its astronomy and astrology, into its final material expression in the physical world.
My thesis has been that all phenomena within the relative cosmos, including our finite embodied incarnations as mankind, are full manifestations and expressions of our infinite Source, simultaneously transcendent of and immanent in each of us – inseparable, undivided and utterly whole. Such expression of general Divinity and each of our diverse expressions through our individual souls, minds and bodies, comes to us from Source – through the causal, the astral, and then the physical (the three worlds).
While astronomically the Earth may not be the centre of the universe, we – each on of us – is indeed the very centre of the universe as we each, as subject, manifest and experience our universe as object, and uniquely express ourselves therein. The Earth may not be the centre of the universe but the Garden of Eden is. And we, each of us, as subject make our own reality within the Garden of Eden as object, and create of the Garden our own heaven or our own hell.
With the science and intuitions of Vedic astrology (Jyotish) we look from our physical embodiments towards the astral realm for knowledge and intuition of our destinies and meanings emerging from the causal realm, manifesting firstly through the subtlety of the astral and then in the material physical.

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