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Raymond Reichman-Israelsohn | author, poet, attorney


The Mind & Heart of God


by Raymond Reichman-Israelsohn

A lamp that does not flicker in a windless place,

To such is compared a yogi of subdued thought

Practising Union with the Self

Bhagavad Gita (Maharishi Translation)

The Yoga of Maditation (Dhyana Yoga)

Chapter VI,Verse 19

From Chapter Ten | Jyotish and Meaning

Transformation and Enlightenment

When God enters His Kingdom, in flesh embodied and in His image in seemingly finite diversity as embodied man, He takes His free will with Him. He leaves nothing behind. His image (like the portion of a holograph) contains within it the entirety. Although we, in order to express ourselves in words, talk of a ‘portion’ or ‘image,’ we have not emerged or separated from the whole (other than as a mental construct and mental conditioning – vasana and maya). The ‘portion’ or ‘image’ always remains inseparable and assumes its mental embodied image within the whole. If we all, in His image, exercise our free will in accordance with His Will, that action embodies His Will.

If we do the opposite, it can only be in ignorance and in error resulting from such ignorance. And the ultimate consequence of such error in ignorance is known as ‘karma:’ Cause and effect in ignorance – ignorant and erroneous action, disharmonious to the Will of God and to the Word of God; and then follows the inevitable consequences of such disharmony. That consequent effect must eventually be remedied, through the enlightenment of its causative ignorance.

Until such enlightenment and the return to harmony within the Will of God, karma prevails. Indeed, karma initially compounds itself and spirals down into the darkness of all sorts of ignorant hell: The insanity of competing religions. Crucifixion followed by the karmic consequence of anti-semitism and the holocausts. Jihad and terror in the name of Allah. Misunderstandings (and worse). The establishment of just another non-transcendent rival religion further twists the truth. Suffocating dogma, crusades, jihads, inquisitions, holocausts… and self-imposed or somo-psychotic suffering ad nauseam…or until increasing pain and grief stimulates the inevitable blessed desire to find our way out of such hell and Home to simple truth.

The intoxication palls, the enslavement hurts and suffocates. The grief reaches critical mass as prophesied by Isaac in his scriptural blessing to Esau. The symptom spurs a search for a cure. The search commences with our exploration to identify the cause of the malaise; and commences in the darkness of the ignorance which was its very cause. In the darkness and the pain we can but grope in blindness. While that darkness of ignorance continues, the would-be pilgrim gropes for the cure within the darkness.

But the cure does not lie about somewhere in the darkness to be found and grasped in blind ignorance. The cure is the light that dispels the darkness. Anything short of the very light itself can be but a dim reflection of that light – incomplete, superficial, temporary and allopathic in its cure. The light itself in its holistic fullness is the panacea, the Philosophers’ Stone and Holy Grail. The light itself – nothing but the very light – heals the malaise. It dispels and enlightens the darkness and heals everything holistically within its light.

The light does not merely enable the seeker to find the cure. It is the cure. The light dispels the darkness, the darkness of ignorance – the ignorance of who we truly are. And when we find ourselves we become whole again – healed – and our psychosomatic self-imposed malaises are healed in the flood of light, in the panacea of enlightenment. Enlightenment. The shadow of the Moon’s (the mind’s) eclipse passes and the light of the Sun (the Self, which was always there) is restored.

Only when we understand our self-illusion of separateness and our self-enslavement to attachment, do we realize the wisdom of that understanding. We seek our return to our Self-Realization of Oneness (Yoga). Then our pilgrimage on the road of transformation towards enlightenment begins. The journey back begins from attachment, as the painful karmic consequences of attachment act as a spur.

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